We are looking for Cardiologist

We offer:

  • attractive salary,
  • work in a team of valued specialists,
  • support of the management staff and qualified nursing and reception staff.
  • flexible schedule,
  • friendly atmosphere,
  • the possibility of developing their professional competences

Our expectations:

  • knowledge and practical skills in the field of medical services,
  • at least five years of medical studies in the field of medicine
  • computer skills,
  • knowledge of  Polish language is welcome
  • care for high medical standards in the medical center.
  • ability to work in a team.
  • willingness to develop and constantly improve professional qualifications,
  • communication skills, the ability to listen  actively to the patient
  • minimum 3 years of professional experience

Interested persons are invited to apply.

wvt.png +48 576 995 335; +48 577 504 202

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